Graduate Economics Studies at BİLGİ

Economics is one of the areas that exists at BİLGİ since its foundation in 1996. Within 20 years, through our internationally recognized educational standards; faculty members; research centers and scientific organizations, we have been able to create a strong tradition of teaching and research. This tradition finds one of its best expressions in our graduate programs which represent a rich combination of theoretical and applied economics. We invite all bright minds, interested in the marvelous world of economics, ranging from financial markets to voting rules; from macroeconomics to game theory, to discover our MSc and PhD programs in Economics.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayça Ebru Giritligil

Dear PhD Students,

Below you can find information about Economics Ph.D. Qualifying Exams:
Written and Oral Exams: First half of May, 2019 (Exact date will be announced)

If you want to take Ph.D. Qualifying Exams, you have to submit your petition to the Institute of Graduate Programs until April 30, 2019 , 17:00.

There will be no admission to Economics PhD program for 2019-2020 Academic year

Fatma Aslan will defend her PhD thesis titled “Essays on Allocation of Indivisible Goods” on May 17, 2019.

Nazlı Şahanoğulları will defend her PhD thesis “Essays on the Economics of Demography and Gender in Turkey” on May 31, 2019.

Seçkin Özbilen defended his PhD thesis titled “Three Essays on Coalition Formation Games” on March 21, 2019, and he is awarded PhD degree in Economics.

Deren Çağlayan defenden her PhD thesis titled “Group Favoritism and Social Efficiency Concerns Experimental Studies” on January 2, 2019, and she is awarded PhD degree in Economics.
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Alumnies see all

  • # Asst. Prof. Dr. Burak CAN / 2006
    University of Maastricht, Microeconomics
    I experienced, through participating in regularly organized seminars and conferences in two years I spent at Bilgi University as a student in MSc in Economics program, that BILGI was an attraction center in economics and recognized that our professors are respected academicians in international field. We take the opportunity of presenting our studies to world-famous economists thanks to our professors’ support. Istanbul Bilgi University MSc in Economics program did not just lay the foundations of my academic career and also provide me the required self-confidence.

  • # Doruk Iris / 2004
    Assistant Professor / Sogang University Seoul, South Korea
    The curriculum of Istanbul Bilgi University MSc in Economics program is in parallel with world-class universities and, in addition, it provides a unique environment where you always feel the close interest of academic staff. MSc in Economics at BILGI is one of the best alternatives in Turkey to join the academic world.

  • # Hande Oruç / 2009
    PhD in Economics, Istanbul Bilgi University
    Research assistant, TUBITAK project

    During my Economics graduate education at BILGI, I took lessons from distinguished professors and I attended many workshops organized by several universities in Turkey. Meanwhile, I had many opportunities to meet professors from all over the world. It is a pleasure to study at IBU thanks to student oriented approach to education which led me improve my self-confidence. To conclude, I want to emphasize that Istanbul Bilgi University is one of the most appropriate universities for students who want to take place in the academic world.

  • # Ali Ihsan Ozkes / 2009
    Istanbul Bilgi University / Research Assistant, Economics
    Broad vision of BILGI, opportunities and environment provided by the university, the level of MSc in Economics program which is above the world average, academic activities and studies of the academic stuff indicates that a MSc education at abroad is not a must for students from Turkey. I always feel the legitimacy of my preference after I graduate. In addition, Murat Sertel Center for Advanced Economic Studies and Bilgi Economics Lab of Istanbul (BELIS) provide the grounds to make the program one of the most respected programs in the world.

  • # Levent Kutlu / 2004
    Assistant Professor at Antalya International University
    I can fairly say that the two years that I spent as a MSc student at BILGI university changed my academic vision forever. BILGI Economics provides a world class education but more importantly it provides is a very friendly environment. The seminar series attracts many well-respected academicians, which is fundamental for a research oriented environments.

  • Academic Staffsee all

  • # Prof. Dr. Asaf Savas Akat
    What differentiates BILGI Master and Ph.D. programs from others? I believe it is our focus is on academic research. We host many prominent economists, domestic and international, as well as alumni with a background in top schools, to provide students with the required skills for a successful academic career. Students both enjoy and benefit immensely from this experience.

  • # Prof. Dr. Ipek Ozkal Sanver
    Our alumnies work in different fields of both public ad private sector. Our MSc program provide a background that enables our students to conduct PhD studies in various respected universities in the world. We give importance to develop our students’ research, questionning, analysis and synthesis abilities. We have a valuable academic staff those are able to conduct research and academic publishing studies in international era. We have strong international partnerships; respected and successful scientists are invited to give seminars and accelerated courses all the year round. In addition, both MSc and PhD programs sustains a close partnership with Ecole Polytechnique, one of the most repstected universities in France. Our PhD students have also the opportunity of studying in Ecole Polytechnique for one year of their education and they receive both BILGI and Ecole Polytechnique diplomas when they successfuly complete the programs.

  • # Ugur Ozdemir
    The major emphasis of the graduate programs in Economics at BILGI is the training of candidates in a broad program of advanced study and research for professional careers in universities, in public and private research and consulting organizations, and in financial institutions and other private businesses. The demands on a professional economist are such that the depth and breadth of a graduate program have become indispensable training for a professional career. Our program, hosting the most productive academicians of our country in the field, carries the required skills to provide this training. The academic environment is lively with numerous seminars and crash courses given each semester by the most distinguished professionals coming from all over the world. Meeting with alumnies those successfully employ their academic knowledge in their professional lives is another gladsome point which makes BILGI different.