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Ph.D. in Economics

The Ph.D. program is designed to graduate researchers at international scientific standards as well as to contribute to the formation of top level managers of financial institutions, public institutions or private corporations. Depending on their area of research, students have the possibility to make part of their studies at other universities in the world. While applications are open to any student with any master degree, those coming from areas remote to economics may be required to take additional courses. The selection process is competitive and students are assigned to an advisor since their acceptance to the program.

The program requires the students to successfully complete 7 elective courses (for a total of 60 ECTS), pass a qualifier exam and successfully defend their Ph.D. thesis. More information on the courses can be found at the “Courses” page. 

Students are expected to complete their coursework latest within 4 semesters. The qualifier exam consists of one written and one oral examination on a topic chosen by the candidate (either Macroeconomics, Microeconomics or Econometrics). Students are expected to complete the qualifier exam by the end of the 6th semester. After the acceptance of their Ph.D. topic by their Ph.D. committee, candidates have to submit a written progress report every six months, and to defend their thesis in front of the Ph.D. committee.  The deadline for the submission of the Ph.D. thesis is the end of the 8th semester.